Welcome to the new Casual Miracles website

Our website has been in need of some care and magic for quite a while, the old one could charitably be called functional.

We asked Keren Lerner at Top Left Design to rebuild our site and her team has done an excellent job, Gemma in particular who had to put up with me trying to decide colours, logos, etc. Roy Twitchin also helped us with the copy for the site which has been invaluable.

Apart from building a new site, we have had a very busy year despite the recent crisis in banking, and are going to be writing a series of blogs about our experiences, particularly the challenges of introducing modern software processes into traditionally run businesses.

On the technical side, Lance and I have continued to work on open source projects when we have time, you can see those listed here: http://www.stateofflow.com/projects. One which has been really useful over the years is JEDI, a Java library for working with collections in a more functional style.

Although Java is our main platform for development, I’ve been doing a lot with Scala lately so expect quite a few posts on that subject. My first real project in Scala is a client side API for Fly, an extremely fast, if not the fastest, object space written by Nigel Warren.

I hope you like the new site and will consider bookmarking our RSS feed to keep up-to-date with us.

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