We build working software…


incrementally: enabling you to guide and shape the system you need

minimally: delivering no more than you need so that development time is minimised

rigorously: ensuring the system is robust and stable using a range of modern development techniques

honestly: our approach is open, direct, honest, transparent


Do you want a system delivering value to your business?


We work with a range of languages but specialise in Scala and frameworks like Akka and Liftweb.

As you would expect from an experienced team, we are very familiar with a very large set of technologies and libraries in the Scala and JVM ecosystems.


We use iterative, incremental and agile processes that, combined with a close working relationship with all stakeholders, delivers what is really needed.

A range of automated test and deployment techniques ensures your system is robust and maintainable over many years of evolution.


We offer a range of training courses for developers and managers interested in delivering high quality, robust, maintainable software.

Courses include: Agile Methods, Scala, Refactoring, Test Driven Development, Specification by Example