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A Small Example of Applicative Functors with Scalaz

I recently blogged about Functors and mentioned a mysterious beast called Applicative Functor. Here is a simple, complete example that shows how you can use Applicative Functors with the Scalaz library, with references for further reading.

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A Small Functor Example

In the world of functional programming you will quickly come across the concept of a Functor. What I present below is a simple example that might provide some intuition, with references for further reading.

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A Successful Delivery

Over the last few months, we’ve been working on delivering HSBC’s Clearing Connectivity Layer and OTC Cleared Trade Acceptance System. We went live early December, and in fact, we delivered our first release early.


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A Small Example of the Scalaz IO Monad

I wanted a very tiny example of using the IO Monad in the brilliant Scalaz library, and here it is.


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